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Human Resources

How to connect employees with your company’s mission

Most employees want to do the right thing. They want their company to succeed. But even the best employees with the best intentions need to know where to go. Without direction, there’s a lot of noise that can keep your employees – and ultimately, your company – from getting ahead.

Kill the static. Follow these steps to connect your employees with a clear mission, guided by a strong vision and values.

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7 strategies to turbo-charge employee development

Grow your workforce, yes. But be careful that the workforce growth does not outstrip that of customer demand. This is the essence of managed, concerted, strategic growth.

Leaders who participated in the latest Vistage CEO Confidence Index appear to be on the right track, with regard to workforce growth. According to analysis of the Q1 2018 survey, 79 percent of CEOs from small and midsize businesses anticipate revenue growth over the next 12 months, and 64 percent say they plan to increase their headcount. In fact, half of these companies indicate they are hiring this quarter.

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