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Debunked: 4 dangerous myths about cyberattack

When cyberattacks make the headlines, it is usually the big, far-reaching kind that affect FedEx, Boeing, Target. and their customers, it is usually a big, these are the kinds of companies that make headlines — multinational companies with billion-dollar revenues and thousands of employees. Problem is, this news coverage makes small and midsize businesses think they’re safe from cyberattacks, when the opposite is true.

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How to connect employees with your company’s mission

Most employees want to do the right thing. They want their company to succeed. But even the best employees with the best intentions need to know where to go. Without direction, there’s a lot of noise that can keep your employees – and ultimately, your company – from getting ahead.

Kill the static. Follow these steps to connect your employees with a clear mission, guided by a strong vision and values.

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Never trust an atom (and sometimes your brain)

While browsing in a bookstore the other day, I saw a young person wearing a t-shirt that gave me a good laugh. The front of the shirt had a colorful graphic of an atom, with electrons swirling around the nucleus. The caption underneath said: Never trust an atom; they make up everything.

As I chuckled at the clever play on words, it occurred to me that the same could be said of the human brain. Although our brains don’t make up everything, the fact is they do make up a lot of stuff. As business leaders, making stuff up (or MSU as I call it) without realizing you are doing it can be a dangerous habit to fall into, often leading to critical strategic decisions that have no basis in reality.

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